What can you do when someone is bugging you?

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What can you do when someone is bugging you?


Walk away

Sometimes the simplest option is just to move away from someone who is annoying or upsetting you.

Tell them to stop

Sometimes you just need to tell the person who is doing something that annoys or upsets you to stop. It is best to do this in a calm, polite way but also to be strong and firm about it.

Tell a friend

Sometimes it can help to talk to a friend about what is bugging you? Talking to a friend can help you better understand what is upsetting or annoying you. Your friend may be able to help you know what to do about it.

Tell an adult

Sometimes it is better to talk to an adult. They can give you advice or sometimes they may take action themselves to try and sort things out.

Count to ten

Sometimes there are things that are bugging us that make us feel very upset, annoyed or angry. It OK to feel this way but better if we can stay calm. Counting to ten slowly, while trying to think happy thoughts, can help stop us getting too angry or upset.

Try to ignore it

Trying to ignore someone who is bugging you is not easy. It can help to try and focus on something you like. If you ignore people who are deliberately trying to annoy you they will sometimes give up and stop doing it.

Write it down

It can sometimes help to write things down. This helps you organise your thoughts and feelings and you can record what is happening, where and when it happens and who is involved. This can be helpful if you later need to talk to someone about it.

Take three deep breaths

It sounds very simple and it is, but taking a few slow deep breaths can sometimes make it easier to cope with things that bug and annoy us.

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What can you do when someone is bugging you?

What can you do when someone is bugging you? Visual Resource

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