Vocabulary associated with the zoo

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Zoo Vocabulary Cards

The following words have been selected to provide a range of vocabulary associated with zoos. There are three packs of 30 word cards organised in increasing reading age. Use the cards to pre-teach essential vocabulary and to support creative story writing. The cards can be used individually as additional stimulus and support or in group situations for collaborative story telling.

Pack 1

Animals, branch, cage, chase, clean, eat, elephant, feed, fence, food, giraffe, grass, hay, hippo, keeper, lion, monkey, mud, parrot, rhino, run, shade, sleep, splash, tiger, touch, tree, water, zebra, zoo.

Pack 2

Animal feed, baboon, beak, chimpanzee, claw, feather, fish, flipper, gorilla, handler, hoof, horn, jaw, leaves, meat, panda, park, paw, penguin, polar bear, safari, sea lion, skin, straw, teeth, toucan, tusk, vet, wings.

Pack 3

Aquarium, cafe, caption, captivity, carnivore, conservation, diet, ecologist, enclosure, endangered, entrance, escape, gift shop, habitat, health, hyena, information, insect, natural, omnivore, panic, predator, reptile, safety glass, stampede, tour-guide, trail, vegetarian, well-being, zoologist.


Simply print on to card and cut out. Ideally laminate for durability.

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Zoo Vocabulary Pack 1

Zoo Vocabulary 1

30 words to describe things associated with a zoo

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Zoo Vocabulary 2

Farm Vocabulary 2

30 further words associated with a zoo.

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Zoo Vocabulary 3

Zoo Vocabulary 3

Addional vocabulary to extend creative writing within a theme of a zoo.

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