Vocabulary Associated with School

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Vocabulary associated with school

Two packs of 30 word cards of common words associated with school. Use in individual and group work to increase sight vocabulary and also to encourage use in independent written work.

Pack 1

Bell, board, book, bookcase, brush, carpet, chair, chalk, classroom, coat peg, computer, corridor, desk, eraser, field, glue, gym, hall, office, paper, pen, pencil, playground, ruler, sharpener, sink, table, teacher, toilets and tray.

Pack 2

Allotment, apparatus, assembly, assistant, beanbag, bench, boundary, compass, crayon, cupboard, dictionary, equipment, homework, ICT suite, keyboard, library, project, protractor, reference, scisssors, screen, speaker, stage, stool, story, thesaurus, trim trail, uniform, washbasin and whiteboard.


Simply print on to card and cut out individual cards. Ideally laminate for durability.

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School Vocabulary Pack 1

School Vocabulary 1

30 words associated with school for developing receptive and expressive language skills.

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School Vocabulary 2

School Vocabulary 2

30 further words suitable for supporting students with awareness of everyday language associated with school.

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