Saying Thank You - Social Story

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Saying Thank You Social Story Example

Saying Thank You

We say 'thank you' when someone has done something for us.

Saying thank you is a polite thing to do when someone has done something for us. It is a way of saying that we are grateful for what they have done for us.

Sometimes people just say 'thanks' instead of thank you. This is OK too. There are other words that can be used to show that you are thankful.

Sometimes people forget to say thank you. This can make them sound ungrateful or rude. If you forget to say thank you can always say sorry or say thanks when you remember.

Adults don't always use thank you when children do things. This is OK. Reminding an adult that they haven't said thank you is usually not OK. It can make them cross.

Saying thank you shows that you are grateful and makes people happy. Not saying thank you is not OK and can make people not happy with you.

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Use the above example to help you create your own social story matched to your child's needs. You may want to modify some of the language for very young children but try to avoid losing precise meaning when using more accessible language. Creating social stories with photos or picture can often help too. This example is available in a printable format below.

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Saying Thank-You

Saying Thank You Social Story

A print out version of the social story example above.

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