Getting a haircut Social Stories

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Getting a haircut social stories

Getting a haircut

Getting a haircut means cutting the length of the hairs on your head.

People get haircuts for lots of different reasons but mostly it is so their hair looks nice. Other reasons include:

keeping their hair from growing too long
keeping your hair the way you like it
changing your hair style
making it easier to wash and keep clean
making it easier to get ready at the start of the day

Some people really enjoy getting their hair cut. Some people really dislike having their hair cut. And for some people it's just OK.

When you get your hair cut it is important to:

Say how you want your hair cut
Sit still while it is being cut
Listen for instructions about when and how to move your head

Most people get haircuts to manage their hair and look nice. It is OK if you don't enjoy sitting and having your haircut. Trying to be calm and still while you have your haircut is important.

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Getting My Haircut

Getting a haircut means making my hair shorter.

It is important to look after my hair. Getting a haircut helps me to keep it tidy and clean.

Getting my haircut can make me feel a bit anxious. There can be things that make me feel uncomfortable including:

needing to sit still
someone touching my head
seeing and hearing scissors near me
loud sounds like hair trimmers and hair driers
different smells
cut hair making my skin itch

When I get a haircut I can help by:

doing my best to stay calm and still
saying how I want my hair to be cut
listening to any instructions
thinking about something else like doing a counting game in my head

It is important to get my hair cut. I may feel uncomfortable but I can try to stay calm and still. After my haircut I will be OK.

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Use the examples above to help you create your own social stories matched to your child's needs. You may want to modify some of the language for very young children but try to avoid losing precise meaning when using more accessible language. Creating social stories with photos or pictures can often help too. These examples are also available in a printable format below.

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Getting a haircut

Getting a haircut social story

A print out version of the Getting A Haircut social story example above.

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Getting My Haircut

Getting My Haircut Social Story

A print out version of the Getting My Haircut social story example above.

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