Going to the dentist Social Stories

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Going To The Dentist

Two different social stories are given:

Going to the dentist

Sometimes I have to go to the dentist to have my teeth looked at and keep them healthy.

It is OK to not like going to the dentist. Many people do not enjoy visiting the dentist. But it is still important that I go to my dentist.

If I do not visit the dentist my teeth may decay and become painful. I may also get ill.

When I visit my dentist:

they will check my teeth for any signs of decay
they will check my gums and see if the rest of my mouth looks healthy
they will sometimes need to make small repairs to my teeth so that they last longer. This could be a filling.

I can help my dentist by:

sitting still in the chair
staying calm
keeping my mouth open wide when they ask me to

It is OK to not want to visit the dentist. But it is important for my health that I do. I can try to stay calm and I will be OK.

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Having a filling

Having a filling is when the dentist repairs a tooth that has some decay.

No one likes to have a filling. It is OK to feel a bit upset that you need a filling.

If you do not have a filling your tooth may decay further and can become very painful.

Having a filling may involve:

the dentist tapping and poking your teeth
having an injection that stops you feeling pain while the dentist works on your tooth
using a special dentist drill to make a small hole in the tooth. This is to get rid of any decayed bits of tooth
repairing the tooth with the 'filling' that is shaped to fit the hole
needing to rinse your mouth out after the dentist is finished. Sometimes there are tiny bits of filling that you need to spit out.

Sometimes we need a filling to repair a tooth with decay. Having a filling is unpleasant but it is soon over and you will be OK.

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Notes on creating your own personalised social story:

You can use the above examples to create your own personalised social stories. There are lots of different ways in which you can personalise social stories to meet individual needs. These include adding pictures of the child or young person at the dentist; using favourite comic or cartoon characters to decorate the social story and using their name within the social story.

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Going to the dentist

Going to the dentist Social Story

A print out version of the Going To The Dentist social story example above.

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Having a filling

Having a filling Social Story Example

A print out version of the Having A Filling social story example above.

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