Index of free downloadable resources

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Free printable resources to support the management and understanding of learning and behaviour

A thousand free resources to download and print *

The resources are sorted by topic and subtopic and then alphabetically. Click on the links below to navigate to them **


All About Me

A range of resources to encourage children to communicate information about themselves and their learning preferences etc to build a one page profile

Assessment Resources for Schools

Resources to assess the learning and behavioural, social and emotional needs of children

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Index of calming strategies and resources

Advice and strategies for regulating the thoughts and physical symptoms of stress and anxiety

Emotional Regulation Resources

Free resources to support emotional regulation and anger management

Friendship Resources

Resources to support the development of friendship skills

From Until Resources

Free visual resources to support understanding of time limits

Go and Do This Resources

Visual aids to help communicate, suggest and reinforce positive social and learning behaviours

Listening Resources

Resources to support the learning of good listening skills

Miscellaneous Behaviour, Emotional & Social Resources

Resources to support the behavioural, social and emotional needs of children

No Sign Resources

A range of useful posters to give strong no messages about behaviour not allowed

Please Help Me To - Communication Cards

Communication cards for children with little verbal communication or poor social communication skills when upset

Rating Scale Resources

Free rating scale resources to support emotional awareness & anger management

Reward Systems Resources

Free downloadable reward systems and behaviour charts

Self- Esteem Resources

Free resources to help build self-esteem

Social Interaction Resources

Resources to support the understanding of social boundaries and social interaction rules

Social Story Examples Free Resources

A range of topics are covered in these free examples of social stories; each with printable versions

Social Story Resources

A range of resources to support the writing of social stories

Stop Bullying Now

Resources for communicating anti-bullying messages

Warning Triangle Resources

Resources to help communicate and reinforce class and school rules

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Information Leaflets

Five Minute Guides

Brief introductory information on a range of diagnoses in a printable A5 handout format

Ten Things To Do

The Ten Things To Do Guides are designed to provide a quick reference list of strategies in a format that can be read in about five minutes

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Barrier Games

Barrier Games resources to support language development

First Then

First Then resources to use in the classroom or at home

Growth Mindset Resources

Resources for developing a positive outlook on learning, life and challenge

Maths Resources

Numeracy resources to support primary children (K-12) and those with additional needs such as dyscalculia

Metacognition Resources

Free resources to support children and students develop self awareness of their learning strengths and weaknesses

Language and Learning Miscellaneous Resources

A range of general resources for supporting language and learning in the classroom

Figurative and non-literal language resources

Free resources for supporting understanding in non-literal language such as idioms

Now Next

A range of printable Now Next visual resources

Oracy resources

Oracy activities for encouraging creative story telling. Ideal for group work or whole class

Task Board Resources

A wide range of free downloadable task board classroom resources available that can be matched to the needs and motivations of the student

Task Management Resources

Free classroom task management resources to download and print

Vocabulary Card Resources (Index)

A range of free vocabulary card resources to support language and literacy games and writing development.


Free resources to support vocabulary development

Writing Frames

Resources to support the layout and structure of writing

Writing Mats

Free printable resources to support independent writing

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Medical Resources

Physical and Sensory Resources

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Audio-Visual Presentations

Presentation style video resources to support INSET and personal CPD for teachers and other educational staff and also resources to provide support for parents

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Awards and Certificates

Circle Time Resources

Classroom Management Resources

Free classroom resources to support classroom behaviour management

Games for groups, class and play

Inclusion Monitoring

Need Tell Resources

School and Class Responsibilities

School Miscellaneous Resources

School Rules Resources

Teamwork Resources

School Timetable Resources

Transition Resources

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Themed Resources

Spiderman Resources to support learning and behaviour

Superman Resources to Support Behaviour and Learning

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*Free use is limited by terms and conditions
** Some resources may appear in more than one place when they fit into more than one topic heading

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