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How do you get your child to stop moaning and overreacting?

Why are they moaning and overreacting?

In order to reduce moaning and overreacting behaviour it is important to try and establish why your child is doing this.

Is your child trying to communicate how they feel and think about the current context?
Are they using moaning and overreacting as a strategy to get attention from you?
Are they struggling with emotional regulation?
Do they have some sensory hypersensitivity which means that some experiences are felt more intensely than for the average person?
Has moaning and over reacting become their default way of dealing with these situations? Do they know the appropriate way to behave in the context?

Reducing your child's moans will therefore depend on the reasons for them. This may be different for each context.

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Do you listen to your child and take their concerns seriously?
Try to remain calm as you need to model the behaviour you want your child to have
Listen briefly to moans, acknowledge them and then give a balancing positive statement. For example: 'Falling over must of hurt but you are playing a really good game of football.'
Try to stay emotionally neutral when dealing with an over reacting child - here you are modelling that there is nothing really to fuss about. If there was you would show more concern.
Try to keep your interaction brief so that you are not giving your child too much attention related to the context.
Use distraction to change subject and move on quickly from the original situation
In the long term consider how you can develop your child's resilience and boost their confidence

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