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How do you stop a child interrupting you?


Put your hand on their shoulder, showing that you recognise that they are there but try to avoid making eye-contact
Acknowledge them with the same short script each time. E.g. 'Thanks for waiting.' and then turn away. Immediately ask your friend if it is OK if you quickly deal with your child. Very gradually extend the time that your child waits before you interrupt your conversation
Avoid using time dependent waiting statements e.g ' Will be with you in minute.' Time is difficult for children to measure and they perceive it passing more slowly than adults

Stop Hand

Teach your child to understand the hand up as a stop signal. Lower hand when finishing your conversation, acknowledge and praise for waiting
Teach your child to ask themselves the question: 'Is this important enough to need to interrupt. If not, I need to wait.'
Give your child plenty of praise when they wait. Consider using a reward system to target this behaviour

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