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How do you manage your child's anger?


Carefully! If your child is in a full 'melt down' and is being aggressively violent you need to ensure your own safety and that of anyone else around you
Avoid becoming angry yourself – don’t mirror their behaviour as this only escalates the situation
Give them time and space to calm down
Feeling angry is a totally healthy and normal emotion to experience from time to time – it is how we deal with our anger that is either appropriate or inappropriate. Avoid labelling anger as bad and instead concentrate on their inappropriate expression of anger as being undesirable e.g. hurting others and damaging property
Managing anger is best done before the child gets angry. Being able to identify warning signs and possible triggers is really important. Keeping a diary of episodes can be useful in finding patterns and reasons for their anger.
Use I statements to describe the signs of them getting angry E.g. ‘I can see that you are getting upset with me. Let’s take a break.’

Rating Scale

Use rating scales to help children show how they are feeling without needing to verbalise.

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