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How do you get your child to be confident?


Giving them lots and lots of regular praise. They should alway receive more praise than criticism - At least 5:1! This is not easy to do! It takes a lot of effort to notice and acknowledge all the positive behaviour that we tend to take for granted.
Use awards and certificates to give them recognition of their achievements and positive behaviour
Describe and celebrate their successes - don't just say 'well done', explain why your praising them. This is important so that they can fully recognise the behaviour that gains recognition and positive praise.
Children need to experience failure and learn that this is just a very normal part of experience. Use accronym FAIL – First Attempt In Learning to reinforce their understanding that often you need to fail many times in order to be successful
Consider setting up an affirmation wall. This is an area of wall space where positive messages can be posted up. Everyone in the family should be involved both in receiving and writing compliments and acknowledgements.
Create a photo album of 'first step' moments and celebrations of success e.g. riding a bike for the first time or getting a certificate from school

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