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Multiplication Tables

Free printable resources to support understanding and recall of multiplication facts.

Beeble Multiplication 3 x 7

Beeble Multipliation 3 x 7

A visual resource for helping children to understand concept of multiplication. The Beeble characters are arranged to create an array; visually reinforcing the relationship between the two factors.

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Multiplication Table x 1

multiplication table 1

The multiplication tables from 1 to 12 with the table given first. There is some evidence that this helps to anchor the facts better. Useful for all children and may be particularly useful for supporting children with learning difficulties such as dyscalculia.

x2Multiplication Facts 2 x3Multiplication Facts 3 x4Multiplication Facts 4 x5Multiplication Facts 5 x6Multiplication Facts 6 x7Multiplication Facts 7 x8Multiplication Facts 8 x9Multiplication Facts 9 x10Multiplication Facts 10 x11Multiplication Facts 11 x12Multiplication Facts 12

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Round Game 2 x Table

Round Game 2 x Table

Round game cards for paired or small group work. Print and cut out the 12 cards and use to create a fun reinforcement game of 2 x table. It does not matter which card starts the round first.

x3Round Game Tables 3 x4Round Game Tables 4 x5Multiplication Facts 5 x6Round Game Tables 6 x7 Round Game Tables 7 x8Round Game Tables 8 x9Round Game Tables 9 x10Round Game Tables 10 x11Round Game Tables 11 x12Round Game Tables 12

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Round Game - Mixed Table Facts and Inverse

Round Game mixed tables and inverse

Set of 30 cards using varied language of multiplication and division to reinforce knowledge and recall. Use this round game with children who have already learnt all their multiplication facts. It does not matter which card starts the round first.

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Sixty Sixty Challenge

60 - 60 Challenge 2 x Table

2 x Table

Use these challenges to reinforce learning and test speed of recall. They can be used as a short reinforcement activity and repeatedly used to assess students' progress in mastering each table. How fast can students accurately complete the sheet? Getting them all right within 60 seconds will test the most able of students. For dyscalculic students overlearning is really important and this provides an opportunity to approach each table five times on the sheet. As a general rule a dyscalculic child should continue to focus on learning the same table until they can accurately complete the sheet within 150% of the average time of the class. E.g. if the average of the class is 1 minute and 40 seconds they should complete the sheet accurately within 2 minutes 30 seconds.

x360-60 Challenge Table 3 x460-60 Challenge Table 4 x560-60 Challenge Table 5 x660-60 Challenge Table 6 x760-60 Challenge Table 7 x860-60 Challenge Table 8 x960-60 Challenge Table 9 x1060-60 Challenge Table 10 x1160-60 Challenge Table 11 x1260-60 Challenge Table 12

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