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Weak Working Memory Strategies

Managing when 'things to be remembered' are given.

Working Memory - Processing Demands Vs Amount Remembered

The diagram above shows how as we increase demands on our capacity to process things we reduce our capacity to hold on to short-term memories held within the whole of our working memory system. Even quite modest and mundane tasks such as fetching a book required for a lesson can significantly impact on the capacity of the child to remember information and instructions given just before. Short-term memories only last a few seconds without brain effort to prevent fading. When our attention is engaged in other tasks we have quickly forget and these memories can not be retrieved no matter how hard we try. The key is therefore to give instructions at the time when students are able and ready to act on them.


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Strategies to support children with weak working memory

Strategies to support children with weak working memory

Ten Things to Do to Support Working Memory

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