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ABC Behaviour Log

ABC Behaviour Log

Use an ABC behaviour log to record the Antecedent, Behaviour and Consequence. Here the behaviour is the problem behaviour caused by the anxiety. When completing the form staff may not necessarily be aware of the specific anxiety that is triggering the behaviour. The antecedent will ideally record a chronology of events since the child was last calm. The consequence will describe the actions that took place until the child was calm again. Collate behaviour logs over time to identify patterns of behaviour and begin to understand the possible triggers to the anxiety.

SomethinG Is Changing

Resource 2

Prepare anxious students for planned changes such as curriculum days or other special events that disrupt the usual school or class routine. Ensure that parents are also notified so they can support the school in preparing their child.

Use this form (or something similar) to communicate to the student and their parents any planned changes to the normal school routine. In managing an anxious child it is useful to describe what will remain the same as well as what will be different. There is also space on this form to remind the student of what they can do when anxious.

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