Management of Behaviour and Learning

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Management of Behaviour and Learning

Index of Happy Learners articles providing support, advice and strategies for the management of behaviour and learning.

Behavioural, Emotional and Social

Anxiety - Management and Strategies

Strategies and resources to support the management of anxiety

Calming Strategies Index

A range of calming strategies for regulating the thoughts and physical symptoms of stress and anxiety

Circle of Friends

All the information and resources you need to set up a 'Circle of Friends' intervention in school

Emotional Regulation

Advice and strategies for regulating the thoughts and physical symptoms of emotional stress and anxiety

Oppositional Defiant Disorder Management

Advice and strategies for managing children with ODD

PDA Management

Strategies for managing PDA Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome

Rating Scales

An introduction to the use of rating scales

Reward Systems

Using individual reward systems to motivate students at school

Say it like this

An article giving advice on how to modify our language when talking to children so that we gain compliance and avoid conflict

Selective Mutism Management

A range of strategies to support children with selective mutism. Useful for schools, nurseries and parents

Social Stories

Advice on how to write your own effective social stories

Social Story Examples

A large range of social story examples covering topics for school and home

What can you do when someone is bugging you?

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Language & Learning

Dyslexia Managment Strategies

Dyspraxia Management

Growth Mindset

Developing Listening


Effective teaching of vocabulary

Weak Working Memory Strategies

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Physical & Sensory

Relaxed Performances

Sensory Diet

Sensory Needs Management - Hearing

Sensory Needs Management - Movement

Sensory Needs Management - Sight

Sensory Needs Management - Smell

 Sensory Needs Management - Taste

Sensory Needs Management - Touch

Sleep Strategies

Soundfield Systems

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Circle Time

Classroom Behaviour

Critical Incidents

Diabetes - Management of behaviour and learning

Emergency First Aid

Gaining Attention in the Classroom

Games Index

Inclusion Policy

Intimate and Personal Care

Playground Management

Restrictive Physical Intervention

Self Esteem Management in Schools

Task Management

Transition - Supporting move to next school

Useful Quotation

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Ten Things To Do

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