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What's involved?

A fun playground skipping game. Once taught to the children they can organise and play informally during break times etc. The game is useful in that children can come and go, joining in the game, when they want.

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What's required?

You need 3 or more players and a long rope.

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How to play:

Two children turn the rope.

The first child to skip waits to join in.

Everyone apart from the waiting child sing the following song to a steady pace.

Ipi-dipi-dation, my operation,
How many people at the station?

The waiting child shouts a number between 1 and 10 and jumps into the rope and begins to skip.

The children count aloud up to that number:

One, two, three, four...

Once the number is reached they sing the last line:

And O-U-T spells out!

The skipping child jumps out and the game starts again for another child.

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A printable version of this game.

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