In the Pond Game

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In the Pond

What's involved?

A fun circle game involving listening, concentration and a little mental agility.

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What's required?

You need 6 or more players but no equipment is required.

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How to play:

The players form a circle. The circle represents the edge of the pond.

Outside the circle is 'in the pond' and inside the circle is 'out of the pond'

One player is chosen to be the leader.

When the leader calls out 'in the pond' the players must take a step backwards.

When the leader calls out 'out of the pond' the players must take a step forwards.

If a child goes the wrong way they are out.

The game continues until only one person is left in and they become to new leader.

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In order to speed up the game and try and get more players out the leader can try to make things more difficult:

The leader can try and catch the others out by calling instructions rapidly one after the other.

The leader can also join in with the movements and then deliberately go wrong to try and trick the others!

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In the Pond

In the Pond printable resource

A printable version of this game.

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