Managing diabetic students behaviour and learning

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The management of diabetic students' behaviour and learning.

How do you manage the learning needs of diabetic students?

It is important to evaluate the impact that a student's diabetes is having on their academic and social development. It also important not to overly assume that any lack of progress is because of the diabetes and ensure that their individual learning needs are fully assessed.

Strategies for supporting learning:

Use visual support such as task boards to support times when their concentration flags
Make available written explanations and instructions so they can quietly rejoin a lesson
Liaise closely with parents about progress and make available learning materials for absences
Support younger children with a resource folder of fun learning materials such as wordsearches, colouring exercises etc that can be kept in the medical room. Children can be encouraged to access when feeling OK but needing to sit quietly whilst waiting for glucose re-test.
Support older students to maintain progress towards exams by positively encouraging them to catch up with missed learning and signposting them to revision materials.

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How do you manage the behaviour needs of diabetic students?

All students with diabetes should be considered vulnerable and should be included in the school's inclusion monitoring and analysis.

Strategies for supporting social, emotional and mental health:

Diabetic children may benefit from opportunities to be included in group activities including interventions to promote social resilience
Support children by teaching playground games to them in small peer groups
Ensure that glucose testing does not overly interfere with opportunities for play time with friends
Opportunities to be given roles of responsibility
Use of reward charts and positive praise for coping with their diabetes as well as learning
Older students may benefit from additional pastoral support in coping with secondary and tertiary education and adolescence, peer relationships etc.

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