Child and adolescent development

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Child and Adolescent Development

Here you find links to a range of articles exploring childhood and adolescent development with particular regard to their influence over behaviour and learning.

Emotional and Social Development


Article describing the changes experienced by children as they transit through adolescence into adulthood

The Anxiety Spectrum

This article discusses the value of anxiety in our lives

Introduction to Behavioural Emotional and Social Development

An introduction to the factors that influence behavioural, emotional & social development

Erikson's Stages of Social and Emotional Development

Erikson, a developmental psychologist, divides human social and emotional development into a number of discrete stages


Information about friendship development and associated social skills


An article exploring the factors that influence the development of self-esteem

Sexual Development

An article exploring the physical, social and pyschological aspects of sexual development

Social Interaction and Play Milestones

Details of the developmental milestones for young children (0-5 years) in social interaction and play

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Language Development

Introduction to Language Development

An introduction to the processes involved in our use of language to hear, speak, read and write

Auditory Processing

The processes involved in hearing, attending to and understanding speech and being able to formulate a spoken response are explored

Expressive Language Milestones

An article exploring expressive language development and milestones

Receptive Language Milestones

An article giving details about receptive language development and milestones

Speech Sound Milestones

Development of early speech sounds and milestones for producing consonant sounds

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Learning and Memory Development

Attention Milestones

Attention develops through childhood and these milestones show how they evolve in the average child

Memory and Learning

An introduction to memory and forgetting for parents and teachers

Short-Term Memory

Information on short-term memory and how if affects learning

Understanding the brain

A brief summary of different brain structures and how they impact on behaviour and learning

Working Memory

An article exploring working memory and how it is crucial for learning

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Physical & Sensory Development

Introduction to physical development

A brief introduction to physical development and the importance of crawling

Fine Motor Skill Development

Information about fine motor development in children up to the age of 6 years

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