Counting With Senses

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Counting With Senses

This challenging exercise can help to distract an individual from negative thoughts, emotions and anxieties. It can be very useful to begin this game whilst waiting for a situation that can be stressful e.g. before visiting the dentist or an interview.

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What do I need to do?

Think of five things that you can see
Think of four things you can hear
Think of three things you can touch
Think of two things you can taste
Think of one thing you can smell
Keep repeating as long as you need to. Try to come up with different things in your lists each time.

How do I know if I'm doing it right?

It will become harder and harder to think of words that fit the topic
You should only be thinking about things in your category and nothing else

What else can help?

You might want to practise this so you remember what to do
Have fun by practising with a friend
Some people like to write things down - try this if it helps

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Counting things using your different senses

Self-Calming Strategies - Counting With Senses

The above instructions in a print ready format.

Counting using senses cards

Count using different senses cards

Summarised instructions for counting with different senses on handy sized cards.

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