Happy Learners - Behaviour Checklist

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Behaviour Checklist For Teachers


Know the names and roles of any adults in class.

Meet and greet pupils when they come into the classroom.

Display rules in the class - and ensure that the pupils and staff know what they are.

Display the tariff of sanctions in class.

Have a system in place to follow through with all sanctions.

Display the tariff of rewards in class.

Have a system in place to follow through with all rewards.

Have a visual timetable on the wall.

Follow the school behaviour policy.


Know the names of children.

Have a plan for children who are likely to misbehave.

Ensure other adults in the class know the plan.

Understand child's special needs.


Ensure that all resources are prepared in advance.

Praise the behaviour you want to see more of.

Praise children doing the right thing more than criticising those who are doing the wrong thing (parallel praise).


Stay calm.

Have clear routines for transitions and for stopping the class.

Teach children the class routines.


Give feedback to parents about their child's behaviour - let them know about the good days as well as the bad ones.

Charlie Taylor - Goverment Advisor on Behaviour in Schools 2011.
Reproduced here under the terms of the Open Government Licence.