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Happy Learners provides essential information, advice and strategies to support the behaviour and learning of children and adolescents. Building on published research and proven practice, Happy Learners is an ongoing project to empower parents and teachers so that they can maximise the potential of every child and give them the start they need to lead healthy and happy lives.

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Details about Happy Learners; the rationale behind it; terms and conditions and site map

Child and Adolescent Development

Articles exploring developmental milestones during child and adolescence

Common Behavioural and Learning Diagnoses

Articles exploring common behavioural and learning diagnoses from ADHD to Tourette's

Management of learning and behaviour

Articles giving practical advice and effective strategies to support children of all abilities and needs

Parent Advice and Resources

Articles exploring parenting themes, frequently asked questions and specific resources for use in the home

Resources to support learning, behaviour and special needs

Free resources to download, print and use to support children with learning, social and emotional well-being; classroom management and students with additional needs.

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