Supporting Transition

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Supporting Transition

All children are affected by changes to their teacher, moving class or school. It is a time of uncertainty and no one enjoys that. For vulnerable students, particularly those with social anxiety and/or social communication needs this can be a very challenging time.

Addressing Needs

Prepare students for transition by providing answers to address any fears and concerns. Many of these students may be unable to articulate their needs and so it useful to provide a range of contextual information that address common fears. For example it is useful to explore the following:

Running a change of school transition group

It is quite common for schools to run transition groups to support moves between primary and secondary. But there is also need to run groups at infant to junior transfer and secondary to tertiary for some vulnerable students. When setting up a transition group it is important to consider the specific needs of each student and not just lump everyone together. For example, it is usually best to avoid students with anger management problems that lead to violent outbursts being placed in the same group as students with anxiety or communication difficulties. Both need support with transition but in different ways. Where possible the group should have additional opportunities to visit their next school and ideally the new school can host some of these sessions possibly with students from other feeder schools. However, it is important to have sessions in the current school which can prepare the students before visiting their next school and to debrief them after their visits. Best practice for school transition:

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