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Social Story Resources

See the advice page on Social Stories for more information on using and writing social stories.

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Being Wrong

Being Wrong Social Story

This script helps to explain how everyone can feel uncomfortable when they make mistakes.


Biting Social Story

This resource provides social information on biting.

Body Odour

Body Odour Social Story

This resource provides information about body odour and how to minimise it.

Brushing Teeth

Body Odour Social Story

A social story explaining why brushing teeth is important for our health and our interactions with others.

Changing for PE

Changing for PE Social Story

This social story script provides support for changing for PE.

Effective Social Stories

Effective Social Stories

Advice for writing your own social stories.

Example of Sentence Type in good Social Stories

Advice for writing social stories

Advice based on Carol Gray's original work on developing social stories. An example social story is given to illustrate the different types of sentence that she suggests should be included.


Hitting Social Story

Use this resource with a child that frequently hits others. Reading this script to the child before each break-time can help to reduce incidents.

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