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Spitting is deliberately blowing saliva out of your mouth.

Spitting is a really unpleasant thing to do. It can spread illness and make people unwell.

It is not nice to see anyone spit on the ground. This can make people really upset or cross.

Spitting at a person is a really unkind thing to do and can get you into trouble with adults.

Sometimes when people speak a tiny bit of spit accidentally comes out. This is not wrong but we try not to do this.

Spitting on purpose is not OK. It is unpleasant and can make people angry with you.

Use the above example to help you create your own social story matched to your child's needs. You may want to modify some of the language for very young children but try to avoid losing precise meaning when using more accessible language. Creating social stories with photos or picture can often help too. This example is available in a printable format below.

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A print out version of the social story example above.

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