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School Uniform

School uniform is a set of clothing that all students must wear when in school.

Here is some information about school uniform:

It is a rule in most schools that children wear the right school uniform.

School uniform makes a person look like they are a student of the school.

Wearing uniform makes students of a school easy to recognise when away from the school site.

Most schools have uniform policy which tells you exactly what you can and cannot wear.

Having school uniform means that you always know what you should wear to school.

Schools want their students to look clean and tidy in their uniforms.

During break-time it is easy for school uniform to become untidy. For example, clothes can become untucked. It is important to make sure you are tidy before you go back to class.

Not wearing the correct uniform can make school staff unhappy.

Wearing school uniform in an untidy way can also make school staff unhappy.

Sometimes there are special non-uniform days when you wear your own casual clothes.

It is important to wear the correct school uniform and ensure that look you look smart.

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Use the above example to help you create your own social story matched to your child's needs. You may want to modify some of the language for very young children but try to avoid losing precise meaning when using more accessible language. Creating social stories with photos or picture can often help too. This example is available in a printable format below.

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School Uniform

School Uniform

A print out version of the social story example above.

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