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Running in School

Running in school is when you run inside the building. This is often down the corridors.

Running in school is not allowed. This is because inside the school building it is not safe to run around. There are lots of things that could cause an accident such as furniture, corners and stairs. If we run we might fall over ourselves or we could bump into somebody else. If an adult sees us running in school they may get cross with us.

Sometimes we are allowed to run around in the gym or hall. This is only when an adult says it is OK to do so. At other times we are not allowed.

Running is a fun thing to do but it is not safe to run in school unless an adult tells us we can.

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Use the above example to help you create your own social story matched to your child's needs. You may want to modify some of the language for very young children but try to avoid losing precise meaning when using more accessible language. Creating social stories with photos or picture can often help too. This example is available in a printable format below.

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Running in School

Running in school

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