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Brushing Teeth

Brushing teeth involves rubbing the brush of a toothbrush across our teeth to clean them.

Brushing our teeth is important because it helps to remove plaque. This is a sticky film made up of millions of bacteria that grow naturally on our teeth. The plaque is generally harmless but over time it damages our teeth.

Brushing our teeth also helps to remove tiny pieces of food that sometimes get left behind after we eat. This is important because food that is left in our mouth helps plaque grow and it can make our teeth look dirty.

Most people tend to brush their teeth not long after they get up in the morning and then just before they go to bed in the evening. People often brush their teeth another time if they are going out somewhere special with friends or family.

Another important reason to clean our teeth is to stop our breath smelling. This smell comes from the bacteria in plaque and on any food left in our mouth. People who don't clean their teeth properly and regularly often have bad breath. This can be very unpleasant for anyone near them.

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Most people use toothpaste when they clean their teeth. This is a paste that contains minerals that help protect your teeth from the damage done by plaque. Toothpaste is often mint flavoured but not everyone likes the taste and they might choose a different flavour.

Cleaning your teeth at least twice a day is really important. It helps prevent teeth decay and keeps our mouths from smelling.

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Brushing Teeth


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