Sleep Strategies

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Sleep Strategies

There is a lot we can do to improve sleep by developing effective routines, avoiding unnecessary stress and creating optimum conditions:

Keep to a strict time to go to bed each night so as to help the body's natural 24 hour sleep cycle.

Reduce light levels about an hour before sleep time. Use table lamps rather than room lights. Minimise time in kitchens and bathrooms with strong lights.

Keep the temperature of the room to no more than 22 degrees Celsius. Many children prefer it slightly cooler when sleeping so consider reducing the output of any heating in the bedroom.

Ensure good ventilation to prevent the bedroom getting to stuffy but avoid draughts particularly in cold weather.

Have a bedtime routine e.g. shower/bath followed by reading in bed. Parents should continue reading to their child at bedtime as older children and adolescents enjoy an age appropriate story as much as younger children.

Avoid children watching TV or playing computer games in the hour before going to bed. Always build in time for bedtime routine.

Avoid your child watching films and TV or playing computer games containing distressing, frightening or violent themes. This includes the news.

Where possible, keep bedrooms free of computers, TV and mobile phones as these impact on the quality of sleep. If not, ensure that they are not used particularly phones which children often use without their parents' knowledge.

Use of black out curtains and/or blinds can be very beneficial particularly in summer months when it is still light outside. Also useful for blocking out street and security lighting etc.


Child Sleep Timetable

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A useful table for working out the correct sleep time for children for 3-17.

Five Minute Guide to Sleep

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An introduction to the functions of sleep and the importance of a good sleep routine for learning and well-being.

Getting Enough Sleep

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The recommended hours from birth to adult and strategies for promoting healthy sleep.

Sleep Strategies

Sleep Strategies

A presentation of strategies and advice to support parents in managing their children's healthy bedtime routines.

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