Self Calming Strategies

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Self-Calming Strategies

Teach children from a young age strategies for dealing with anxiety, frustration, fear and sadness. The following resources are a range of self-calming strategies that need to be actively taught and practiced. Older children with more self-awareness of their emotions can use these techniques to support the development of mindfulness.

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Counting in Categories

Self-Calming Strategies - Counting in Categories

This is a simple but challenging exercise which can effectively distract an individual from negative thoughts, emotions and anxieties. Can be very useful to begin this game whilst waiting for a situation that can be stressful e.g. before visiting the dentist or an interview.

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Counting with Senses

Self-Calming Strategies - Counting With Senses

Focussing on the different senses and counting is an effective distraction from negative thoughts, emotions and anxieties.

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Slow Breathing

Self-Calming Strategies - Slow Breathing

Practicing slow breathing can be a very effective way of reducing the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress.

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Self-Calming Strategies - Visualisation

Teach visualisation as a way of relieving stress and anxiety by focussing on a positive place or image.

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