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Classroom Management Resources

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Effective class management involves being organised with resources; explicit about learning goals; setting clear expectations of behaviour and modelling it yourself. Finally, it requires the building of an effective, friendly and professional relationship with the children so that you can anticipate and respond to their needs.

Behaviour Response Chart (Landscape)

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A chart to help graduate a specific targetted behaviour by the response that staff will make to it. The four headings are Praise, Ignore, Remind and Sanction. This helps to clarify for all staff how to react to differing levels of the behaviour. This should help to improve consistency in the way the child's behaviour is managed. Can be useful for explaining to the child.

Best Bits In School - Weekly Record

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This is for children who don't like school and/or are unable to articulate anything positive about school. The child is supported to record one positive experience each day. The record can be shared with home.

Blurt Alert

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Use this visual resource to support students who tend to blurt out comments without waiting.

Carpet Time Song

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This is simple song used by primary teachers to support transition of young children to the carpet. Based on Faire Jacques tune.

Classroom Charter

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Use this resource to explore why rules are necessary to keep us safe and allow us to learn etc. This helps to develop ownership of classroom rules by the children as well as the adults.

Class Compliance Chart

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Use this resource to divide the class by level of cooperativeness and compliance. Detailed instructions for use are included.