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Miscellaneous Resources

Resources to support schools and other child settings meet the needs of children with additional needs.

Behaviour Management Plan

Behaviour Management Plan - Primary

A quick print off plan suitable for primary schools and nurseries that can be used to document concerns as well as the strategies to resolve the behaviours being targeted.

Behaviour Observation Record

Behaviour Observation Record

A helpful template for recording your observation and discussion notes when observing children with social, emotional and mental health needs. The record form comes with some helpful prompts for looking at learning, communciation, social and personal behaviours.

Child History Questionnaire

Child History Questionnaire

Useful for collecting background information covering pregnancy, birth and pre-school information. This information may be useful in gathering known information which may be relevant for supporting the child's needs. It may also identify aetiological factors that increase probability of certain behaviour or learning needs existing.

Managing Workload Demands Sheet

Managing Workload Demands

This is stress management tool to help staff sort and prioritise the many competing demands on their time.

Parent Outreach Record

Parent Outreach Record

A form for structuring parenting advice and strategies based on a plan do review cycle.

Standardised Scores and Percentile Ranks Look Up Table

Standardised Scores & Percentiles

A simple resource for converting standardised scores to percentile ranks and visa versa.

Student Consultation Record.

Student Consultation Record

A simple sheet for recording notes and actions from consultations with students.

Work Life Balance Personal Action Plan

Work Life Balance Personal Action Plan

This resource supports the training presentation Surviving Teaching and provides space for up to three actions to take to manage workload, reduce stress and achieve work/life balance.