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Reward Systems

Reward Systems to Support Individual Children

Though most schools have a range of reward systems to motivate their students they do not work for all children. Some will require their own individual reward system. This usually is either to provide an alternative reward; e.g. time on the computer or outside playing a game; or to provide reward over a shorter time scale; e.g. at the end of a task or session. It is important that these children get their rewards when they are earned and as soon as possible. It is really important that the child is reminded that the reward links to the target achieved i.e. the desired behaviour change.
Children should never be given a reward that they have not earned. Try to avoid children earning back rewards as this give a confused message about achieving the desired behaviour. It is better to negotiate a lesser and different reward in these situations. For children who can become extremely challenging when they have lost the possibility of a reward it is better to have previously agreed the alternative rewards and have this visually displayed on a differentiated reward system. These give different rewards for partial compliance or achievement of the target. When using differentiated systems ensure that each reward is different rather than, for example, less time on the same reward activity. Most children are poor at assessing the length of time and will learn little from the time difference. The children should recognise that the lower rewards are 'consolation prizes' for recovering to do the right thing after a period when they demonstrated the wrong behaviour.


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