Rating Scales

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Rating Scales

Rating scales help an individual describe the intensity of their feelings and/or the emotion being experienced

5 Point Rating Scale

Rating scales can have any number of divisions but they are most commonly used with five points. Most of the resources on this site use five divisions but there are also traffic light systems that work on three. These resources can be found on the emotional regulation resource page.

Mood Warning Scale

Rating scales can be used with everyone and are particularly useful with children with anxiety, anger management issues or social communication difficulties.

A rating scale serves two purposes. Firstly, it can be used to help those around the child monitor their emotional state. Secondly and most importantly it raises awareness in the child of the fluctuations in their own emotional state. Through this self-awareness the child can be taught to have greater self-control by taking some approatiate action before it is too late. They can therefore be highly effective in reducing 'melt downs' and panic attacks.

Rating scales work best when: