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The slide presentation resources on this page are held on the Happy Learners YouTube Channel. They remain free to access. Click on the thumbnail as usual to run the resource.

ADHD - What is ADHD?

Circle of Friends

An introductory guide to ADHD and how it presents in children.

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends

An introductory guide to Circle of Friends for parents and schools.

Circle Time

Come Round To Circle Time

A guide to delivering effective circle time in schools.

Classroom Behaviour

Ten Things To Do To Manage Classroom Behaviour

A range of strategies to support teachers and other school staff with classroom behaviour management

Happy Child

Ten Things To Do To Have A Happy Child

Ten essential parenting strategies for a happy and secure child

Parenting Styles

Goldilocks Parenting Test

The Goldilocks Parenting Test uses the analogy of the Goldilocks 'just right' approach to examine the three parenting styles: passive, aggressive and assertive.

PDA Presentation 1 - What is PDA?

What is PDA?

Presentation 1 focusses on the history of the condition and information about diagnosis.

PDA Presentation 2 - PDA Avoidance Behaviours

PDA Avoidance Behaviours

Presentation 2 focusses on behaviours that PDA children use to avoid demands made of them.

PDA Presentation 3 - PDA and School

PDA and School

Presentation 3 examines how PDA children struggle in school and how school's struggle with PDA children.

PDA Presentation 4 - PDA Management Strategies

PDA Management Strategies

Presentation 4 explores ten strategies for managing PDA children.

Sleep 1 - What is sleep?

What is sleep?

This presentation provides an introduction to the different sleep phases and their function in supporting our health, learning, memory and well-being.

Sleep 2 - Enemies of sleep

Enemies of sleep

Studies suggest that over 70% of children do not get the recommended number of hours sleep per night. This presentation explores some of the factors that contribute towards poor sleep behaviour.

Sleep 3 - Sleep Strategies

Sleep Strategies

Strategies and advice to support parents in managing their children's healthy bedtime routines.

Surviving Teaching

Surviving Teaching

Coping with the demands of teaching can be challenging at times. This presentation provides an opportunity to explore how you manage your workload, deal with stress and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

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