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Parent Questions & Answers Surgery

Questions asked by parents in short surgery type presentations and workshops

Because of the format of these sessions there is only time for brief answers and a few strategies for each question. Here they are given in bullet points. I have tried to link where appropriate to more detailed articles and to other useful resources elsewhere on the Happy Learner website and sub-domains.

Strategies - Please note that these are not in any particular order and that some may contradict each other. Different children respond to different strategies and sometimes trying the opposite of what is being advised may work. It is best to just choose one or two strategies at a time and give a few weeks to trial out whether they will work for your child. The key is too be patient and flexible in your approach. Also consider whether a strategy is suitable for your child's age and literacy skills.


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How do you:
How do you get your child to:
When do you:
Why does my child: