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How do you get your child to positively engage with homework?


Limit time for homework to an appropriate length for their age and ability. Check with your child's school how long they should spend on homework. If your child has done that amount of time then write a note to say to the teacher to say so
Establish routine – when is the best time to do it? Straight away when they get home before play or do they need a break first? Where is the best place to do homework? Try to avoid other children doing fun activities whilst the child is doing homework
Avoid homework in the hour before bedtime as this can interfere with their sleep cycle and is not effective for learning
It can often be better to settle your child to their homework task and then give them a drink and snack
Homework can be a great opportunity for your child to get some parent time – try making it an enjoyable shared experience
Reward charts – small incentives given more frequently work better than big rewards

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