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Number Resources

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Number Bonds to Ten Cards

Number Bonds to 10

Cut out the individual cards to create a deck. This can then be used in a variety of ways to help secure knowledge of these number bonds. Also makes a set of 3 A4 posters.

Number Bonds to Ten Display

Number Bonds to 10 display

A set of nine A4 posters to support knowledge of these number bonds.

Number Bonds to Twenty

Number Bonds to 20

A set of twenty A4 visual resources for developing knowledge of number bonds to twenty. Also includes 20 + 0 to support work on the zero concept.

Number Fan 0 - 9

Number Fans 0-9

A print off sheet for creating your own number fan with the digits 0 - 9. Requires laminator and split pins. Use more than one set together to create number fans with larger range of possible numbers.

Number Line 1 - 10

Number line 1 - 10

Each A4 sheet has number in digit and word form together with corresponding number of animals. Display on the wall in sequence to create number-line.

Number Line 1 - 20 (Individual x 5)

Number line 1 - 10

Use this resource to quickly print off individual number lines to 20 for lessons. 5 copies per sheet to cut out and preferably laminate for durability.

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