Individual Needs

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Individual Needs

As teachers we do our best to meet the individual needs of all our students. However, this is limited in two significant ways. Firstly, there is only so much that can be done to differentiate and personalise the curriculum with the time and resources available to us. Secondly, there is a limit to how much understanding of each student's needs we have. At best, it may be incomplete, at worse, we may be totally unaware of a significant learning, behavioural or socio-emotional need.

Identifying the needs of students

Student Needs

The above diagram shows how, as teachers, if we rely only on our own perceptions and knowledge to assess a student's needs that we may miss out on the whole picture. Talking to colleagues, parents and the student can all help to clarify any needs. It is particularly important when dealing with students with challenging behaviours that we don't overlook any unmet learning, sensory or social needs.

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