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Emotional Regulation Resources

Resources to support emotional awareness & anger management

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Anger Thermometer

anger thermometer

Use this resource to explore anger vocabulary and stages of anger arousal. Examples of vocabulary provided.

Angry Calm Lists

Angry Calm Lists

Use this resource to support the child to gain recognition of the factors that cause them to get angry and things that help them to become calm.

Blame Scale

blame scale

Use this visual resource to help children explore their own part in conflicts and difficulties with others. Useful for children who show little remorse for their actions or who are unable to believe that they have done anything that contributed to the conflict.

Daily Emotional Record

Daily Emotional Regulation

This useful resource provides a quick way to monitor and record the level of emotional arousal based on the Five Point Rating Scale. Simply tick or shade a circle to record the child's assessment of where they are on the rating scale.

Emotion Fan Using Five Point Rating Scale

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Use this to support pupils with developing awareness and expressing their emotional state. Five fans numbered 1 to 5 with corresponding vocabulary: happy, good, OK, upset and angry. Numbers and colours faciliate communication for those with anxiety over expressing their emotions.

Escape Cards

Escape Cards

These can be carried by children who find communicating to adults difficult when upset. Ensure that all staff are familiar with these so that the child can have the time they need to emotionally regulate.

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