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Circle of Friends

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Circle of Friends is a way of helping a vulnerable child through the organised support of their peers. It is effective for children who struggle with friendships including those with more complex behaviour, emotional and social needs and/or autistic spectrum. It involves mobilising the support of peers in generating their own ideas, targets and strategies to improve the friendship skills of the focus child. The power of the circle as in Circle Time is that is provides a safe social structure governed by shared rules where difficulties can be openly discussed and a collective responsibilty is established to develop solutions. Circle of Friends has been used with children and young people of all ages from nursery through to adulthood. The approach has been used for many years in the United Kingdom as well as in North America, where it originates. It is itself based on Circle Time which was developed in Sweden a century ago.

Brief Outline of the Circle of Friends Stages

The Circle of Friends helps the focus child:

Benefits for all members of the Circle of Friends:


Circle of Friends

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A video presentation on the YouTube Channel providing a guide for parents and schools on the Circle of Friends approach.

Circle Of Friends Facilitator's Handbook

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A step by step guide for setting up and running a Circle of Friends group.

Circle Of Friends Information Handout

Behaviour Observation Record

An introductory guide to the Circle of Friends approach for parents and schools