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Miscellaneous Behaviour, Emotional & Social Resources

ABC Comic Strip With Alternative Ending

ABC Comic Strip

The first side of the sheet enables the child, or adult supporting the child, to use drawing to explore the antecedent, behaviour and consequence of an incident. The second sheet enables the child to reconsider the antecedent or trigger and to draw a better way of reacting to it in order to achieve an improved consequence.

Christmas Worries

Christmas Worries

The Christmas holiday can be a difficult time for some families. This can be particularly so for looked after children. Use this simple sheet as part of ongoing emotional and social support to explore hopes and fears in the lead up to Christmas.

Decision Making Tree

Decision Making Tree

For supporting work with children who struggle to reveal information about themselves and make choices. Eight alternatives can be suggested and agreed. The choices are arranged in pairs and the child then must choose only one that goes forward to next round. This continues until only one remains. This can be used to collect very simple information about the child's favourites, likes and dislikes. It can provide rehearsal for sharing information in group and class situations.

Incident Sorting Scale

Incident Sorting Scale

This is a simple sorting sheet to help identify how serious an incident may be. This is particularly helpful for those children who struggle to differentiate between things that happen to everyone, like being bumped into in the playground, and more serious events, like being bumped into by the same child everyday.

Tackling Behaviour Group Discussion Worksheet

Tacking Behaviours

A resource for identifying a specific challenging behaviour and agreeing through group discussion a number of strategies for managing it.

Transitions - Teachers

Transitions Teachers

Use this resource to support work on transition for vulnerable pupils such as those with attachment or social imagination needs. The emphasis is on the continuity of the supportive role though the individuals change.